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Service business owners usually spend up to:

$146-172 USD per unqualified lead
with telemarketing agencies

Curious about how you can get qualified leads for a fraction of the cost?

1. Get customer requests

Sign up for free to view and receive requests from customers in your local area and your industry.

2. Send a quote

When a request is a good fit, pay a small admin fee to send in your quote and a personal message.

3. Get Hired

Customers get quotes from up to 5 parties. If you’re hired, finalize details and get started.

Your services are in demand with business owners

Business owners turn to ThunderQuote to hire the right professionals and firms.
Join firms and pros who are helping them accomplish their projects.

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“Using Thunderquote, I am able to get in touch with clients interested in my specific services. I get to choose who I want to serve, which is phenomenal.”

Singchuen Chiam
Regional Associate, Lazada Group

“Haha wow this (platform) is great! I closed 3 out of 4 leads I got from Thunderquote! You guys are definitely rocking for me!”

Jason Tan
Founder, Studentlancer

“You can use Thunderquote to view many customer’s RFQs in your area and submit your quotation while knowing the exact detailed lead quality information you need for projecting your conversions for the sale.”

Tan Boon Ann
Managing Director, Wiglaf Pricing (Singapore/Taiwan)

Empowering service businesses

We give service businesses a voice and provide critical resources to help them grow

Free Quotation Tool

Build your custom quotations easily and quickly with ThunderQuote for ALL your businesses not just those gotten through us! With all your profile data pre-populated from your sign-up details, you all need is to personalize your quote and you are gold!

ThunderQuote Tips

Our blog features tips and resources for succeeding as a small business.

Local Connect

Through local events, we provide our pros with a network for success.

Get business anywhere

Thunderquote is 100% mobile responsive, enabling you to bid on business, chat with clients, and ultimately get more sales anytime, anywhere.